Will We All Soon Be SuperHuman? Exoskeleton’s Are Becoming A Reality

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Many people worry about robots taking over jobs, but something they may have never considering is becoming the robot. Exoskeletons are robotic gear worn over your clothing that can make you capable of incredible feats. Let’s look at Sarcos Robotics newest exoskeleton, the Guardian XO.

The Guardian XO was designed with jobs in construction or manufacturing in mind. It’s a full body powered exoskeleton and it allows the wearer to lift super heavy objects without restricting their movement and also reducing the wearers chances of injury.

Just knowing it can help you safety lift 200 pounds without then wearer having to strain is pretty amazing, but it also has so many other mind-blowing features. The Guardian XO is battery-powered and the batteries can be swapped out when hot, so the worker can work a full day uninterrupted by losing power. The suit’s sensors can detect the operators movements within milliseconds and the movements are fluid and efficient. The suit also has stumble recovery, so the wearer will not be at risk of tripping. One of my favorite features is the hands free mode — You can lift something heavy and then lock the arms and complete other tasks that require human hands without having to put the heavy load down — so practical! Guess how long it takes to put this slim exoskeleton on? Less then 30 seconds!

Besides looking (and feeling) like Iron Man, the Guardian XO increased productivity, reduces the number of humans needed for a task, reduces workplace injuries / physical strain and increases safety.