Check Out These Ridiculously Expensive Luxury Gadgets

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It’s always fun to dream that you have enough money to casually drop on some of the world’s most expensive luxury gadgets. Check out these awesome (and expensive products).

Hart Audio Gold Speakers

Beautiful 18k gold speakers made in England by Hard Audio

$4.7 Million

Robot Warrior

If you have millions to waste, you may as well get a robot warrior made by Kuratas

$1.35 Million

Triton Personal Submarine

It would pretty cool to own a personal submarine that dives to 1000 meters

$2 Million

Aurumania Gold Bike

Make sure to spend a lot on a bike lock too, cause this 24 carat gold bike is ripe for theft


Moley Robotics ‘The Kitchen’

If your buying this robotic kitchen, you can probably afford a chef, but you may as well get this too. This robot is pre-programmed with thousands of recipes and even cleans up after itself